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TACTICS= An action or strategy carefully planned to                              achieve a specific end.

A unwitting citizen is placed on a list distributed to group members recruited through a variety of methods discussed in greater detail in our methods section. Photographs of the target and the targets car and home are distributed to the group preparing to launch a massive psychological and technical attack campaign designed to cripple the targets every day life and their relationships with friends, family and co workers.


The group of attackers begins to familiarize themselves with the targets looks, the targets home and the home surroundings. Keeping in mind that hundreds of people have been recruited for this terror campaign, the attackers start to circle the victims home in multiple vehicles, constantly circling the home like sharks in a feeding circle 24/7

Utilizing multiple attackers, a swarming effect is applied by mobbing the target at various points of destination along a victims routine throughout any given day. This is accomplished by sending 2 to 3 if not more people in behind a victim in such places like a retail store, bank or at an ATM. This is to simulate a mobbing effect after the target has become lucid to the motor vehicles circling their residence. NO PHYSICAL CONTACT IS EVER ATTEMPTED, to do so would reveal them openly to any unsuspecting witnesses. These tactics are designed to shadow the victim every step of their journey, to ensure only the victim is aware of their presence they will subtly mimick the target, placing the same items in their cart, examining the same items on the shelf the target does, this happens day in and day out every minute the target is in public so that they know they have no privacy and that they are a victim of this criminal group.


Now that the act of personal and vehicular stalking is a everyday occurance new tactics are employed to further cripple the victims psychological and emotional state. Keeping in mind that the groups number in the hundreds, they have individuals in key places whose job when called upon is to wreak any interference or havock in the victims life. Our investigation reveals that US Mail tampering is complained of by virtually every victim across the country, this is accomplished by recruiting mail handlers in supervisory positions who are privy to security policies at the sorting facilities to prevent their arrest or in rare cases may be the mail handler themselves. Landline taps are then placed on the victims phone lines and most likely with the knowledge of the utility company under the authority of DOJ letters granting immunity to prosecution, under unconstitutional authority of the NDAA and the PATRIOT ACT. In addition these utility companies grant access to a victims internet accounts thereby allowing the attackers to gain access to the victims personal computer. Once inside a computer they can tamper with files, creating false evidence like pedophile evidence or attempted hacking attempts. All made to look like it comes from the victims computer when it was actually planted their by the groups IT hackers.

1. Open Communication.

#Yawning and placing the hand over the mouth, or taking a drink to open communications

The most common signal that I have observed the informants using is their open communication signal.

This can be done in a variety of ways, but the most common way is to take a sip of water or drink from any container.

The open communication signal can also be conveyed via, pretending to yawn, or by putting the hand over the mouth.

They use this signal to engage other informants in the communication process.

There are other ways to pass this signal but this is the basics for now.

#Car patrols will flash their lights to open communication with foot patrols

When an informant is on foot, the cars will flash lights to open communication. In the Targeted Individual Community it was thought that this was just being used at night to annoy targets, but flashing the lights is used to identify themselves to their foot patrols.

2. Coughing

This signal is not only used to harass targets, but it’s also their way of getting the attention of other snitches.

Eg. If an informant is not paying attention and you want to begin the open communication process you can cough, clear the throat. Then you will usually see other communication between the informants.

3. On Watch

# Rubbing or touching the eyes or corners of the eyes or placing on glasses indicating you are on watch.

This is the signal that you will see informants use most often. They will do this in a variety of ways.

The basic way of indicating this is done by placing one hand over the eyes.

You can also just rub one eye or the other.

They will use eye glasses, sun glasses, by placing them on the face it indicates the same thing.

A new way of doing this is by also rubbing the center of the forehead, where your third eye would be if you had one.

#In some cities headphone are also used to indicate that Informants are on patrol

4. I don’t understand

Pulling on the ear. Seems to indicate that the receiver has not understood what the sender has said.

5. I know.

#Briefly tapping or squeezing the nose, indicates that you understand.

You will see this quite often and it’s their way of indicating that they know, or that they understand.

# The double blink to indicate understanding etc.

If their hands are full, or they can not pass a signal any other way, this can also be used to indicate understanding.

6. At Rest

This is done by placing the hand to the side of the head. The thinking mans pose. It seems to indicate that the informants are at rest, no action is happening.

7. Stop Signalling/Communication

This is done by placing the index finger to the lips, and making a semi circle. or clasp motion. They stop communication and go silent when this signal is given.

8. Greeting.

When out in public, they brush their hair back three times, but this is done at the back of the neck not at the front. It seems to be a greeting to help identify them with each other yet again.

9. What’s happening, What’s going on.

# Brushing back the front hair 3 times

10. Directional signals.

Eg. When out in public they will often tell each other to walk left right, etc, with the nose. Eg. The index finger below the nose to the left would tell the other informant to go left. To the right would tell the other informant to go right.

They might also use these directional signal to indicate the direction of the target that is on watch, but by doing so with the eyes. 

OSI shows GANG stalking HYPNOTIC hand signals