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SUSPECT= A person thought to be guilty of a crime or offense
Based on a year long investigation and observations, witness statements and internet accounts it has become quite easy to pick out a suspected community stalker within your immediate vicinity. They portray tell tale signs of animation and activity. They will enter a store directly behind a victim, and leave directly behind the victim,  they will be seen by the victim standing beside them, in multiple aisles at the same time the victim is there yet have little or no items to purchase despite being in the store for some time. They appear to be trying to take note of the victims items chosen for purchase. They will often choose the same items as the victim. Individuals are also used to circle by foot. the residence of the victim often during sensitizing campaigns such as a color campaign. A popular sensitizing color among criminal stalking groups is the color RED.  Below are images of highly suspected criminal cause stalkers. Trackastalker will constantly add images to this data base as a means of reference for criminal trials for these individuals who have obviously lost what ever moral compass they may have once possessed. The use of red by this website is to serve as a memory marker for the reader to retain the most important topics and not as a psychological harassment tool as some stalkers may try to say.