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AMERICAN STASI SNITCH= An American Stasi Snitch, investigations suggest, is anybody who inserts him or herself into your non-violent activities on behalf of government for the sheer purpose of monitoring and sabotage of the American targets life and their pursuit of privacy and happiness, by use of physical, psychological or technological intrusion methods. AKA Gangstalker AKA Community Stalker AKA Cause Stalker
The snitch is often a legitimate member of a group or social circle who continues to be active while giving information to the police. This person may be acting under duress (to save his own skin after being arrested, for instance). This person may be hoping the cops will pay with money, drugs, or ongoing criminal immunity for her dubious "services." While this person isn't necessarily a professional agent provocateur, he/she may nevertheless try to talk friends into committing crimes so he/she can get more credibility or rewards from his police handlers.
1. The majority, NOT ALL Stasi snitches have a identifiable mark on their automobile meant to look like a normal wear and tear item. The most popular is the missing hubcap. More then one suggests a rank  of that particular snitch amongst the other complicitors. This serves 2 purposes, one, it identifies them to other snitches and  two, the missing hubcap is often used in mass sensitizing campaigns against a target they are sensitizing for psychological torture. (see sensitizing for more details on this illegal act)

2. Stasi snitches are seen with their cell phones up to their ears but with very little talking or looking down at the devices as they pass a targets location. This act,  investigations suggest is for 2 reasons. 1. Its meant to suggest to the target that they are under intense electronic surveillance and 2., it is highly suspected that due to the NSA's massive PRISM program recently leaked to the public,  that the snitches have access to a telephone number that will give the mobile snitch access to surveillance data SUCH AS GPS DATA THEY STEAL FROM YOUR CELL PHONE on the target gathered by PRISM programs and that the snitch may also feed info back to PRISM.

3. Any and every destination of the target during the course of the targets day is plotted and recorded through months of prior hidden surveillance before the target knows they are being stalked. The snitches then plant other stalkers/snitches in parking lots of any locations both before the target arrives and before the target gets to their destination. These snitches sit in their vehicles the whole time the target is conducting their personal business and will still be in their vehicles when the targets return to their vehicle and will be observed by the target quickly exiting the location at high speeds as soon as the target exits the store, or enters their personal vehicle. The snitches inside the store shadow the target and then leave right behind the target.

4. Snitches act in mass numbers to participate in mass noise campaigns around the targets home. Dozens of cars and motorcycles with loud mufflers and squeaky brakes circle the targets home hundreds of times in a 24 hour period.

5. Stasi snitch vehicles have running lights on no matter the time of day.
STASI= Arrest of development : stoppage, former spy program of East German secret police.
An Operation Called 'Rosenholz' - How the CIA bought the Stasi files for $75,000. By Robert Gerald Livingston. Click here for full story and discover how American Stasis operate in your own neighborhood under the disguise of Community Police.