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SENSITIZING= Psychology, the process of becoming susceptible to a given stimulus that previously had no effect or significance.
Sensitizing campaigns are identical in that they are psychological, large in size or number or frequency. Sensitizing is used on targets to prepare them for the torture planned for them in the future. Sensitizing is a necessary evil in that it is needed because the objects or tactics that will be used against the victims/targets are normal routines or actions that because of their very nature or action is perceived as expected or routine in nature and goes unnoticed to the unsensitized person. In laymans terms, in order to harass and torture someone with a hidden tactic that is so hidden that the victim literally must be trained to notice it. It is this very nature of the act that causes victims who try to report this crime to be labeled unstable or crazy. In some instances a victim is plotted against by members of their inner circle who have been recruited very secretly and very cautiously over a period of weeks while some evil deed is planned against the victim that begins to unravel their life until they are financially broke, homeless and totally isolated. CLICK HERE to learn well known forms of torment and psychological warfare tactics employed against thousands of victims across the country and around the globe. This sinister crime is a Nazi based program, designed by Nazis, implemented by Nazis and appropriated by American scientists after the Holocaust. This criminal program is used as a means to control and monitor thousands of Americans who have been targeted for abuse under the guise of intelligence experimentation and fraudulent community policing programs across the nation, This crime has been called slow kill due to the length of time it takes to carry out this agenda. American Nazis are now in America and have been for some time, hiding under rocks and in the shadows. The pictures on the left are a typical day outside a victims residence where hundreds of cars circle the residence 24/7 in a sensitizing campaign which utilizes missing hubcaps as the sensitizing trigger item. The motorcycles in this gallery ALL have extremely loud mufflers and circle the residence every so many times in an hour and uses
an offensive sound as harassment and torture against the victim once sensitized. These methods can be overcome if the target is willing to accept proper instruction and has a strong will to overcome this tactic. We will display videos of a noise campaign at different times on this site.

These acts were caught on film over a period of 2 to 3 day at a time.. We challenge any NON target to poll the vehicles passing their residence and count half as many vehicles with missing hubcaps. You will not succeed. How many of us would own vehicles as new as some seen here and allow it to be driven looking less then attractive with a ugly missing hubcap? Yet how many do you see here? Isnt that odd behavior, after spending that kind of money for a new vehicle to let such a eye sore be seen on your new car?
TRACKASTALKER would like to remind the viewing audience that considerable effort goes into filtering OUT neighboring residential vehicles and are scrutinized more carefully if seen frequently around the victims residence. However it should be noted that investigations suggest that community stalkers take up residence around a victims/targets home to aid in the surveillance campaign deployed against the victim as is the case with two residents within 50 yards of the residence shown in this campaign, who are highly suspected of being complicit in the community stalking campaign against the victim/target displayed here. These determinations are made based on observations such as synchronicity campaigns, and false police reports. Other suggestive behaviors or MO's of a cause stalker are prior noise across property line convictions, current criminal cases pending in local courts, lending credence to the suspicions that many cause stalkers are recruited through complicit arresting officers, investigating detectives or in many cases we highly suspect probation officers used as recruiting agents. We also recognize the fact that some of the cars depicted here may be totally innocent and are simply guilty of bad taste when it comes to car care, however were quite certain that when it comes time for depositions that many of the perpetrators driving these cars will not be able to lie their way out of their criminal stalking activities depicted here in which they think is so cleverly hidden by the routine factor.
In this video, a victim previously engaged in a verbal altercation with the stalker that drives by at the 1:50 to 2:00 on Sep 6, 2013 at 200pm. The victims son called the police. The police asked directly for evidence. Here in this video you will see the enormous amount of cars circling the victims residence after police are called. At the 150 mark in the video,... the perpetrator  drives  by and loudly guns the engine in retallation for the POLICE being called.
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