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                a Division of the TAPS Foundation 
OSI uses cutting edge video skills and superb descriptions to show the viewers a close up look of community stalking tactics. TAPS is proud to partner up with this valued and trusted organization
This innovative You Tube channel is a highly viewed activist channel in the fight against organized stalking. We invite you to click this link and subscribe to our valued partner

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This page was created to clear up several misconceptions about us and to make you the viewer aware of the active Criminal Libel and Defamation Smear Campaigns that is being directed and perpetrated against our organization. Some of these False SCRIPTED cowardly attacks are being organized by and directed by the same criminals that are criminally organizing the Organized Harassment and criminal use of Remote Neural Monitoring against us and many other victims. Within this page we are going to list several of the False smear protocol tactics that these cowards are using in attempt to discredit our organization and attempt to keep you from viewing our material and the factual truth we possess about this crime and how it is being criminally operated. These defamation smear attacks are being scripted by these criminals and relayed to any extremely weak minded ignorant naive useful idiot individual that will blindly follow their wishes or coerced Bogus orders and allow themselves to be used and manipulated by these criminals into attacking others. The purpose of these scripted Defamation smear attacks is to place paranoia and mistrust into you about our organization, and to keep you from the truth about this crime!. We along with other individuals have been actively documenting and capturing 99% of these false slanderous defamation attacks and have added the identities of those responsible along with their co conspiritors to a lengthy criminal lawsuit and prosecution list in which those individuals contained within the list will be aggressively pursued and prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law.

This is not a bluff and it is not a scare tactic and the guilty perpetrators will pay the price dearly and severely. Slander and Defamation of our organization is a Criminal Organized Gang Stalking tactic and will not be tolerated, we are not litigious (prone to sue) individuals, however when it comes to other individuals willfully knowingly Slandering and Defaming us just to attempt to disrespect and discredit the truth about this crime, then this is when we become very litigious and aggressive towards the perpetrators involved. If you see or hear any of these False claims online or from any recruited perpetrator BEWARE! and rest assured that the source of the lie is a manipulated scripted recruited criminal perpetrator and that they are a 100% FALSE manipulated puppet manipulated by these criminal cowards to further violate us and cast negative light on our organization and keep you away from our organization and the truth.

The following is a list of a few of the main false smear claims about our organization that we and others have documented. 


We will not even dignify this with a response...and anyone who claims it IS a perpetrator themselves and not to be trusted!


Absolutely not. Falsely claiming or accusing individuals or groups of being FBI or other federal agencies is an old frequently used Cointelpro tactic designed to place paranoia and mistrust into others about other individuals and to keep you away from the truth.


Ok Something that needs to be cleared up once and for all here, (OSI) our Group and Organization stands for (Organized Stalking Informers). At one time there was a US Government/Air Force entity by the name of OSI which stood for 'Office Of Strategic Influence'. This Government entity changed its name several times to 'Office Of Special Investigations'/'Office Of Strategic Influence'. To our knowledge, this Government entity is no longer in operation under these specific names. One of the tactics that these Criminals are deploying in attempt to keep you from the truth and place Paranoia and Mistrust into others about our Group is that they are putting certain individuals up to acting out lame Organized Stalking SCRIPTED Street Theater skits of having these certain individuals to ACT concerned and PARANOID of the similarity of our Organizations name with the once operational government entity 'Office Of Special Investigations' and Office Of Strategic Influence. These Criminals are deploying this tactic to again place Mistrust and PARANOIA into others about our Group/Organization and to keep you away from the truth. Once and for all our Organization OSI has NO relations whatsoever to this once operational Government/Air Force entity known as 'Office Of Special Investigations' and Office Of Strategic Influence. So again drop the lame Scripted PARANOIA/ACT.


This false lie was obviously created to place paranoia and mistrust in you about our organization and to keep you from the truth. This False defaming lie really demonstrates the ultimate stupidity of some of the perpetrators we're dealing with here, because anyone with the slightest knowledge of computers or the internet would know that "stealing or harvesting someones IP address or personal information" through a youtube channel or a Talkshoe show is impossible without directly contacting youtube or Talkshoe and requesting this information in a legit investigation.


Again it's surely safe to say this false lie was obviously created to place paranoia and mistrust in you about our organization and to keep you from the truth. This false scripted lie first surfaced as a scripted attack on one of our affiliates by a woman on a youtube channel who is said to have some very serious psychological issues, along with a whole host of prior Lewd and Crude belligerent conduct arrests (records on file) this in which some of her neighbors have already personally admitted and attested to. The truth of the matter is that once this woman discovered that we we're associated with this particular affiliate, she began Falsely claiming and perpetrating this Scripted coached Lie against our organization as well. At this point we knew that this woman had been recruited given a script and manipulated into attacking and defaming our organization(s) in response to the exposure that we have been raising on her criminal handlers that has been instructing her and several others to attack and defame us. We believe this woman to be extremely sociopathic, and manipulative in her efforts to convince others of her false scripted lies and smear campaign, this being the basis of her false scripted "victim" ACT designed to try to suck pitty and support from other naive individuals, that are not yet aware of her true heinous manipulative nature. This woman is very convincing in her lies and deceit, an unmitigated LIAR,who constantly lies and defames others at the request of her handlers wishes and orders without conscience and consideration of severe legal consequence and punishment. Every single piece of Libel and Defamation this woman has falsely disseminated about our organization has been placed on case file and her name and address added to the Lawsuit and Prosecution List for future action. Any future piece of false Libel this woman utters will be documented and added to her case file for future action and prosecution.


To clear up this matter once and for all, we are NOT Greg Gamanche or Todd Sterling however we have collaborated with Greg Gamanche on a project. Todd Sterling founder and CEO of the TAPS Foundation is an affiliate of ours, and yes just as there was smear campaigns directed towards Greg Gamanche, there is also an active defamation libel smear campaign against Todd Sterling going on around the internet, so please keep this in mind and disregard scripted Disinformation.


Absolutely false, The only individuals that we have to threaten to or sue is those who knowingly Slander or Libel our organization with the heinous intent to turn others away from our material and the truth we posses about this crime. The truth is we are not Litigious individuals, however Slander and Defamation of our organization is a Criminal Organized Gang Stalking tactic and will not be tolerated, again we are not litigious (prone to sue) individuals, however when it comes to other individuals willfully knowingly Slandering and Defaming us just to attempt to disrespect and discredit our organization and the truth about this crime, then this is when we become very litigious and aggressive towards the perpetrators involved, this is a natural reaction which is expected from almost anyone and well deserving to the perpetrators involved. The truth is Slander Libel and smear campaigns are classic discrediting methods and some of the most frequently used tactics used against Organized Gang Stalking victims, and if no action is taken to stop it, this crime will continue to flourish and victims of it will continue to be ran over and violated.


Individuals asking or demanding to know "what you think of us". This tactic is being used by Perpetrators to determine who supports us so that they can put them on a negative tailored classification list for further targeting and or smear campaigns.


Individuals asking you to say or relay any type of script or information in person or online. The criminals that are doing this are asking or coercing you to engage in Organized Gang Stalking Harassment and a Criminal Harassment Conspiracy of other individuals.


Individuals falsely claiming that another individual is "under investigation" aka Bogus "investigation". This is a well known criminal tactic of criminal Perpetrators who attempt to get others to act towards their wishes
using fake threats and coercion. The criminal may flash a fake badge or display "official" looking fake files or text that is meant to fool trick or coerce you into the scheme. Beware of this false tactic and manipulation


Individuals falsely claiming that others have "diseases". This is a criminal Organized Gang Stalking isolation tactic designed in hopes of turning you away from other individuals and to isolate the victims.

The TAPS Foundation is very proud of its affiliates. IN the last year we have made great strides in both exposure and our partnership with OSI. While forces attempted to destroy this partnership they instead made us stronger then we had ever hoped for. The knowledge gained by the attempted dissension they planted gave us the ability to circumvent future attacks. We will not falter in our mission to expose this crime and now shift our focus to aggressive litigation tactics against online criminals. Below our affiliate is publishing a disclaimer and warning to community based stalking groups and online scum, we will not fail in our mission and a new era is just around the corner. With the education of our CEO and the agressive partnership with OSI and You Tube Channels around the world like MYSTDolly we will be victorious. We salute OSI for this well worded warning below.
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