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​An Operation Called 'Rosenholz' - How the CIA bought the Stasi files for $75,000. By Robert Gerald Livingston. Click here for full story and discover how American Stasis operate in your own neighborhood under the disguise of Community Police.

Utah writes Bill to shut off water to NSA's newest spy headquarters.
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News and Reviews for a Division of the TAPS Foundation
UPDATE: Hidden law enforcement tactic found in the middle of the patriot act called SNEAK and PEEK Warrants. These warrants allow law enforcement to obtain a secret warrant for any home in America, reports surfacing that the excuse given to judges are for drugs of any type, once the warrant is issued they break into the residents home while your at work or school every day for up to 2 years with out telling the residents they are doing so. Doesnt this sound familiar to targets who cant get police to investigate break ins?????
Another spy satellite in orbit..Posing as planet searcher
​Silent sound is a tune uploaded to the first 2 photographs on any telephone or ipad or PC or Laptop or any electronic device capable of storage and playback mode via audio or video. The tune although audible has a silent sound library of coded words sounds and icons played to every human ear within range of the broadcast from 1 foot to 100 yards give or take. This playback has been in play mode for as LITTLE as 3 years but is suspected as 10. SO for those you remembering going to the bank to withdraw your government check on the 1st and suddenly its the 7th, or as much as the 1st two months later....thats why. One phone call, one knock at the door and the utterance of one code singularly or in a sentence and the human subject stands erect frozen,, for as long as the attacker desires, or as long as the Organized Gang Stalker wants. 
Are Silent sounds being uploaded to your electronic devices?
Many retail stores currently use silent sound systems to hypnotize shoppers into spending more.