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                            DARWIN AWARDS
Welcome to trackastalkers DARWIN AWARDS. Darwin as many of you know is the father of evolutionary theory. Darwins theory goes like this.....Darwin coined the term natural selection to describe the process by which organisms with favorable variations survive and reproduce at a higher rate. An inherited variation that increases an organism's chance of survival in a particular environment is called an adaptation. Over many generations, an adaptation could spread throughout the entire species. In this way, according to Darwin, evolution by natural selection would occur.

That being said it is safe to say that people also are subject to extinction through the natural selection process governed by their stupidity or genius. If your a genius you"ll be around awhile and you will be fruitful and multiply. If your an idiot, the decisions you make will obviously do us all a favor and thin you out of the gene pool. Based on this theory we would like to introduce a list of names that based on their recent decisions, conduct or behavior that will most likely or should we say hopefully allow natural selection to thin them out of humanity