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Directed Energy weapons are mostly unknown to the public, They are deadly to human beings when directed with lethal force or power. An example of a low power directed energy weapon that community stalkers are suspected of using is the manipulation and redesign of the common household microwave. Once stripped down investigations have suggested that these devices are aimed at neighboring homes through the walls of the attackers residence at the victims residence, causing sickness, cancer and death in some cases. CLICK ON PICTURES TO ENLARGE
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Experimental device intended for animal control, routing out rodents, predators from bird feeders, control of unruly dogs, cats, even people! Unit is fully adjustable for maximizing effect on target subjects. Hearing protection recommended when in use.
•130 db Of Directional Sonic Shock Waves
•3-1/2"x 5" Barrel Houses Transducers And Electronics
•Handle Houses 8 AA Batteries (not included)
•External Sweep And Frequency Controls
•PPP10 dimensions: 6"L x 3.5"W x 10"H

Coil Gun Pistol

Danger: will cause injury or break objects at close range. Point in a safe direction and treat as a firearm! Caution -- Adult Supervision Required! project propels aluminum rings to a considerable velocity
The magnetic cannon is an electrokinetic device using a conditioned pulse of magnetic energy to propel an object to a high velocity. System as shown is battery powered and uses some of the latest technology in energy...
The IOG30 has an output of ~35kv/meter. It is available as a kit or plans, but not assembled. 
The IOG90 has an output of ~80kv/meter. 
The IOGHP10 has an output of over 100kv/meter. It is available with positive (+) or negative (-) output.

Inducing electrical shocks in other people
•Causing lamps to flicker and ignite without contact
•Causing paper to stick to surfaces, playing cards, etc.
•Causing motion of objects/ion motors
•Charging of objects to a high potential without contact
•Static electricity experiments
•Kirlian photography and ozone production
 •Strange and bizarre effects on certain materials
•Effects on painted and insulated surfaces that require darkness
•Effects on vapors, steam, and liquids.
•Visual discharge of plasma force, corona, etc.
•Effects on electronics equipment, TV, and computers
•Can cleanse and disinfect air
•Treats surfaces for special applications