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ACTIVISTS AGAINST ORGANIZED COMMUNITY STALKING. What is community stalking? Many find themselves trying to define the act of community stalking and can get weighed down in the definition of the actual act. Community stalking is a organized group of citizens in any given city, town or village that has been organized by a government agency that teaches them to surveil a victim or in many cases referred to as a target, utilizing psychological and technological methods never before revealed to the general public. Our investigation to date reveals that these groups have become highly criminal in nature yet continue to operate without oversight, tormenting surveillance targets and willfully and purposely trying to damage every aspect of the life of the target, turning the act into a criminal sport.  
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We recognize how difficult the challenge of opposing community based stalkers and enforcing peace and justice can be, if the ones responsible for regulating, maintaining, and enforcing justice for wrongdoing has knowledge of the crimes or is the actual perpetrator. Our vision is to resist and ultimately halt these crimes often carried out without tangible trace evidence and prosecute those inflicting the evil one at a time, regardless if they're a career criminal or justice official . Our inspiration, drive, and subsequently our success has been harnessed by a few of the original members who shared a common "we'll go down fighting" mentality. These common beliefs have naturally evolved into a exponentially growing organization. The growth and popularity has been achieved by the founders cautious measures of emplacing trust and by maintaining a high standard of evaluating every potential ally prior to placing integrity and trust in a potential target or evaluating intelligence shared by potential members. We literally have created dozens of tests and classified practices using non-confrontational methods of interrogative strategies that have proven to be successful and extremely sufficient. We offer the benefit of doubt to those individuals who choose to align themselves with our cause until foul play is suspected.

Just in the last year, TAPS has become an innovator of identifying trending patterns the stalkers are using, and through observation, research, and infiltration we plan to personally and impersonally supply evidence to prosecute those behind the scenes through local and federal courts.. TAPS has built a reputation as a pioneer of fighting this national crises previously perceived as a lost cause or battle. Our success is a direct result of the dedication of the original founder combined with the collaboration of intelligence voluntarily shared by other Targeted Individuals all over the country offered by hundreds of devastated and frustrated Targets. "Knowledge is power" and shared power has provided hope and understanding. Realizing you're not alone has become the shared life altering initial step for dozens of our members.Our objective is to identify all posing threats to our brothers and sisters who have endured any of the following:

1.   Electronic Monitoring and Electronic Harassment
2.   Physical Surveillance,
3.   Criminal Financial Ruin
4.   Internet Slander/Privacy Penetration and Impersonation
5..  Mobbing
6..  Sensitizing
7.   Criminal Damaging
8.   Mail Tampering and Interception
9.   Chemical Attacks
10. Criminal and Civil Entrapment
11. Felonious Criminal Stalking
12. Cyber Stalking and Harassment

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